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4 Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Insurance Marketing

Everyone loves a good Christmas card. Whether it's from friends, family, or a local business you frequent, Christmas cards are a surefire way to show someone they're on your mind. This is especially important in the world of insurance where renewals hold just as much weight as the initial sale. Taking the initiative to show a customer that you truly value them could very well help decide whether they continue doing business with you. That said, not all holiday marketing is done equally, and some mistakes are just as likely to hurt your relationships with customers as they are to build them up. To help prevent those mistakes, here are 4 simple do's and don'ts of holiday marketing:


  1. Do: Personalize Your Emails

    Fake sentiments can be easy to spot, and sending a simple, "Dear customer, Merry Christmas. Sincerely, your agent," is about as meaningful as sending a tankard of spoiled eggnog. While many agencies won't have the time or manpower to send out hand-signed cards to every customer, using a system like AgencyZoom that lets you include personalization tags such as customer's first name can go a long way in showing that you care about that individual. We also recommend including a few sentences about what your customer's business means to you as a neat little bow on top.

  2. Don't: Try to Make a Hard Sale

    Christmas might be a season of shopping for gifts, but your holiday marketing isn't the time or place to try and make a sale. There's no faster way to shatter whatever good will you're trying to build than filling your email with sales language and calls to action. Instead, we recommend including high value content such as guides about home-care in the winter. These guides will not only show you care, but help establish your expertise and potentially open the door to cross-sales down the line. You can see a strong example of this in this episode of Content Labs with Watchmen Insurance.

  3. Do: Use Inclusive Language

    This one really comes down to where your agency is located and the diversity of the community you serve. There's nothing wrong with saying "Merry Christmas" in your holiday marketing, but for those with large books of diverse customers, simply shifting the sentiment to "Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas," allows everyone to feel included. 

  4. Don't: Be Silent

    Universal experiences like the holiday season are an excellent chance to build a sense of community. Don't let the opportunity go to waste by staying silent. With powerful automation more accessible than ever before, there's really no excuse for agencies to let the holidays pass without a word to their loyal customers. If you're not sure how to build a fancy template full of imagery, just including a couple sentences about how much your customers mean to you can leave them with a warm feeling that will carry over into their next renewal decision.


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