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Tips on Generating New Leads in the New Year


It’s a new year, so it’s time to think about new clients! Maybe you lost some in 2021 due to unforeseen circumstances. The good news, though, is that there are ways to bounce back and make more connections with more people.

Here are 5 different ways that you can generate new leads in 2022:


1.Optimize your LinkedIn profile

First impressions are everything! Just from the first glance at your profile, someone might be interested in becoming a client. In the article “38 LinkedIn Statistics Marketers Should Know,” Christina Newberry explains that “80% of LinkedIn users drive business decisions.” Optimizing your profile is essential to help gain trust with prospects. You can do this by having a strong headline, making sure you have a custom URL, an up-to-date profile picture and banner and posting often. We have all come across a company profile that only posts every few months. If you’re wanting to gain traction and attention on your social media, posting consistently is key.

2. Boost SEO

How can your agency be seen and stay relevant when there are so many web pages on the internet? In this article by Leslie Finlay, we read about how SEO algorithms are built around three main pillars: authority, relevance, and trust. Help put your page at the top of the search results by building a keywords list. Brainstorm what words and phrases your audience uses when looking online and research related keywords such as those that appear as suggestions when you type in a topic on a search engine. Additionally, develop a strategy and make sure your content is formatted correctly and geared towards laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

3.Send a post-holiday referral email

We all know how important referrals are! Referrals are essential to any business but after the holidays it’s worth sending out another email to your clients. Make it personal and don’t sound too pushy; remind them about your referral rewards program if you have one. When reaching out, focus on your star clients who bring the most value to your business. Don’t be offended if people don’t respond or are not interested in referring anyone at that moment because you can always reach out to them at another point.  

4. Review Sites

Google Reviews are your best friend. Nearly nine out of ten people read online reviews before making a purchasing decision. AgencyZoom offers a feature that when you close a deal, an email will be sent to the client to ask them to leave a review. You are also able to filter your reviews and showcase the best ones that will appear when people type in your agency’s name.

5. Get Social

Learn to optimize LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to your advantage. Social media is the perfect gateway between your business and potential customers. Your profile must be customized. According to this article by Insureon, it is important that you showcase your employees, post meaningful content, talk about your involvement in the community, and showcase your knowledge! If you are truly going to take a deep dive into your social media accounts and use it to your advantage, you will probably want to think about using a management system like Hootsuite. Don’t hesitate to connect with people using instant messaging to see if you can meet their needs.