Best Practices for Setting Goals for Your Agency 


In today’s world, insurance agencies are busier than ever generating new leads, acquiring new clients and adapting to exponential technological change. It's easy to get caught up in all of these factors and lose sight of what’s important. How do you mitigate this effect?  


Setting clear, quantifiable goals for your agency can be a powerful tool to divert attention and focus on proper growth. Revenue-generating goals are important, but there are several other facets to consider, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Overall business goals.  Overall business goals focus on several metrics from revenue generation to achieving a standard baseline of skill requirements of your employees. Goals can be set by the number of clients served, a specific number of contracts written or the percentage of revenue growth. 
  2. Operations goals.  Operations are the heart of your business. Setting operations goals is a great way to ensure synergy across your teams, administration and overall processes. Such goals can focus on customer satisfaction, process consistency and team growth, like setting up a client referral program or developing an employee incentive program. 
  3. Sales goals.  Setting and tracking sales goals can help you recognize which direction your agency is trending. Such goals could include setting quarterly revenue numbers, selling a certain number of policies each week and improving your conversions percentage.      
  4. Marketing goals.  Marketing can easily become an area of lesser-defined goals. In this day and age of rapid, exponential technological growth, there should be clearly defined goals utilizing new tech to help drive visitors to your agency. One quick and effective goal is to actively engage prospects or an audience on social media with consistent, once-a-week posts.


How can AgencyZoom help you achieve each of these goals? Our platform provides specific tools to help automate the entire client journey from prospecting, onboarding and renewals to improve efficiency and increase production. With our lifecycle automation tool, you can set up customizable sequences to eliminate tedious day-to-day responsibilities like manually emailing clients or constantly checking with your producers to make sure their tasks are complete. AgencyZoom also provides reports so you can track your success and sales metrics by a variety of different filters. Utilizing these features can help achieve your goals and help your agency make informed, data-driven decisions. Asking for referrals and reviews also helps turn your business goals into reality. 


When creating goals for your agency, never lose sight of your mission and vision statements. Any goals you set should help carry out your mission and achieve your vision- your long-term focus and purpose. Be the change you want to see in your agency. Model what you want to see your team do, and they’ll follow your lead.