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3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Matters


You dominate cold calls, you mail out packets full of colorful insurance imagery, but you write enough emails as it is without about adding marketing to the mix. At the end of the day, are insurance marketing emails really even worth the time they take to write? Short answer, yes, they very much are, and I’ve got some numbers you may want to see.


Your prospects are all on email.

There are 3.7 BILLION email users worldwide, and you can bet your prospects are among them. Unlike social media, which can put your ads in front of anyone anywhere, email lets you target the hottest leads with offers personalized to their needs. In fact, email works in great synergy with social media. Gather contact information through wide-cast social media ads then reach out to captured leads by email to start closing a deal. You'll soon be able to send these emails automatically when leads enter into your pipeline with AgencyZoom's new Zapier integrations!

Email is where your prospects want you to reach them, especially millennials.

There’s going to be a lot of big numbers in this article, but if you walk away with only one, let it be 99%. That’s right, 99% of prospects check their email every day. That’s not all, it’s time for a statistics bonus round. 50% of prospects check their email more than 10 TIMES A DAY and say it is their preferred way to receive information from brands. This number is even higher for millennials, at 73%. On top of all this, 60% of prospects say that email marketing directly influences which agency they purchase a policy from. Whew, that’s a lot of numbers, but what do they all mean? It’s simple! Your prospects want to see your insurance agency in their inbox! 

The experts have spoken, email is the ROI king

Across industries, email marketing returns an average of $32 for every $1 spent. Over 60% of insurance agents report that email marketing is the number one source of Return on Investment for their agency, and 80% of agents believe that continuing email marketing after a policy is sold helps to significantly increase customer retention. You can even use tools like AgencyZoom to automate these emails on a preset schedule and see your retention rates soar!


So maybe your sold on email marketing, but where do you even begin? To start, here’s a handy pack of Email Marketing Templates you can use to start email marketing today! Also be sure to check out 4 Tips to Make the Most of Your Email Marketing we cover how to boost your email open rate.


Start acing your email marketing with these free email templates