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3 Tips to Write Better Sales Emails


We’ve covered the 7 most important emails to help contact new leads, and tips to improve your open rate, today we’re tackling what to actually put in those sales emails your blasting out. Creating content is hard, but here are some simple rules to help see your response rate skyrocket.


Keep it Short


The average person receives dozens of emails a day, and over 50% of those are deleted without a second thought. It’s important to keep in mind that most people don’t want to see a wall of text in their inbox. Be respectful of prospects’ time by keeping your emails prompt and to the point. An email between 50 and 125 words has the highest chance of a response. You can see a shining example of a punctual new commercial lead email in our first episode of Content Labs.


Use Simple Language


Similarly to email length, no one wants to read your technical dissertation on why you’re the greatest agency in the world. Keeping your language simple. Writing at a third grad level has the highest chance of receiving responses from prospects.


Ask Questions


Emails are a strong way to get your brand in front of customers, but as we mention in 3 Tips to Create Better Engagement Sequences, they’re also a strong way to collect basic information such as date of birth. In fact, asking a question in your email not only helps you collect more information, but gives prospects a reason to respond and engage further with your agency, making you almost 50% more likely to get a response.


You can check out more Email tips with 3 Tips to Create Better Engagement Sequences. And for dozens of free email templates and guides be sure to check out our new Resource Hub.

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