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The 3 Types Of Insurance Leads And How To Work Them

Your insurance leads are worth a fortune. But just as they keep your agency moving forward, working the wrong leads can slow your growth and cost you more than they’re worth in man hours. Here’s a quick guide on which leads are worth your time, and how to handle those that aren’t.

  1. Hot Leads - Robby “Ready to buy” Rodriguez

    Robby is interested in what you have to offer. He’s receptive to suggestions and seems genuinely ready to buy. These leads are the lifeblood of your agency and you should be working them above all others. Don’t be afraid if these folks don’t buy on your first call. Even the hottest leads take an average of 5 touchpoints before they buy. For Robby, consistency is king.

  2.  Cold Leads - Natalie “Not today, but…” Newhart

    There are many reasons Natalie could be hesitant to buy today. Perhaps she’s had a recent at-fault accident or ticket driving her rates up. Maybe she’s just not in a good place financially. At a certain point you need to recognize you’re not going to sell Nancy today, still that doesn’t mean you should give up. Leads like Nancy can become hot leads in the future, but they shouldn’t sit in your pipeline all that time. Software like AgencyZoom’s Smart-Cycle can recycle cold leads and reintroduce them when they're more likely to buy, increasing close rate by an average 27%.

  3.  Dead Leads -  Danny “Don’t ever call again you ****” Dunham

     To say Danny isn’t interested would be an understatement. Don’t waste a second on leads like Danny. It is important to respect Danny’s wishes and follow DNC rules if he requests you never contact him again. And, perhaps, your respect for these dead leads’ privacy requests may even bring them back some day, but I wouldn’t count on it. Mark these leads as dead and get them out of your pipeline.


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