Introducing Smart-Cycle by AgencyZoom 


Smart-Cycle is the best way to manage the three main types of leads in your pipeline:
  1. Leads you can close now - This is pretty self-explanatory. These leads are receptive to calls and open to discussion about pricing and policies. These leads should always be in your pipeline.
  2. Leads you can close at a later date -  Perhaps a customer has an accident or a ticket on their record that is a month or two from being removed. They will be much easier to sell several months from now when their premium goes down, so why are they in your pipeline now?
  3. Leads you'll never close - At the best, these folks will tell you never to call them again, at their worst, they'll use many four letter words. Get these leads out of your pipeline for good.

Your pipeline is the lifeblood of your insurance agency. If you fill it with type two or type three leads (see above) then you're wasting valuable producer time and potentially allowing type one leads to slip through the cracks. Smart-Cycle is a revolutionary way to clean up your pipeline by clearing out leads that aren't ready to sell here and now.

So what happens to the leads Smart-Cycle cleans out?

Let look at an example lead, John Doe. Almost three years John had an at-fault accident. This accident is driving his rates way up, and in his call John told you, as much as he liked working with you, he just couldn't afford the quoted price. In just two months, however, we know John's accident will come off his record and his quote will drop significantly. Now, rather than have John sit and clutter your pipeline for two months, Smart-Cycle will remove John's lead card for two months and recycle him back into your pipeline when he's more likely to close.

Get ready to boost your close rate

Proper lead management and recycling will see your insurance agency focusing on only the hottest leads capable of selling here and now. We give you the power to judge leads based on a wide number of "factors" to keep your pipeline clean. This, in turn, leads to more business closed, both today in later months when leads are recycled back into your pipeline. 

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