Goal Management 101-1


Insurance Agent's Handbook For Goal Management

Agents For Agents: Goal Management - Part 2 of 2 | 08/06/2019
Featuring: Ryan Murphy


Let’s face it, there’s a thousand articles out there on every little step to start and manage your agency. AgencyZoom alone has a growing library of helpful insurance-specific guides, but you don’t have time to read article after article. You need answers now, and we’re here to give them to you in as few words as possible. Without further ado, here’s your top 5 questions about insurance goal management answered.


  1. How Do I Set Sales Goals For New Producers?

    Answer: There are many metrics that come into play here including producer experience, your team size, and what resources you have. We recommend for experienced agencies to take the average of the previous producers’ first several months and use them as a starting point. For agencies hiring their first producer, figure out where you’d like your producer to end up, and divide that goal by 50%. Adjust as needed in the first few months.

  2. How Much Should I Grow Producer Goals Over Time?

    Answer: We recommend growing producer goals 10%-20% based on performance. Ensure producers are always trending upwards and discuss each month what actions they’ll take to accommodate the growth.

  3. How Can I Better Track And Manage Sales Goals?

    Answer: As Insurance Journal aptly states, “Often the task falls to an owner or the top producer. This is not necessarily a good idea because sales management can take away time from the manager’s own sales efforts.” AgencyZoom is a tool designed specifically to handle your goal management, making it clear where the agency and its producers stand today and what they need to do by end of day to succeed.

  4. How Can I Motivate Producers To Perform Above And Beyond Their Goals?

    Answer: Speaking with Ryan Murphy of Steel Key Insurance, Ryan told us tools such as AgencyZoom give producers transparency as to where they stand compared to others and motivate healthy competition within the agency. It is also important to celebrate producer sales when they happen and provide fair commission. (Read more of our interview: Here)

  5. How Can My Agency Get Back On Track If We Fall Behind In Monthly Goals?

    Answer: The most important element in correcting course is identifying when your agency falls behind. This is one of the many benefits of real-time metrics (as discussed in our last article, The True Power of Real-Time Metrics). There are five business days each week, once you fall behind you should divide the remaining monthly goals by the number of business days left in the month. This will give you the total premium your agency needs to bring in each day to get back on track. Tools such as AgencyZoom will handle these calculations for you in a clean, easy to use interface, so you can focus on what matters, making sales.


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