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3 Ways Automation Helps Your Insurance Agency


With more and more insurance agencies moving into a digital space, there is a lot to adapt to. Change is happening faster than ever and it might be easier to shut off and do things how you always have, but there’s one key technology you shouldn’t overlook, automation. Why is that?




I’d wager you didn’t get into Insurance sales to spend all day every day writing emails. As the industry moves into a digital space, more and more agents are reporting huge amounts of their day typing emails to customers. It’s here that automation really shines. With tools such as AgencyZoom, creating an engagement plan is easier than ever, and once its up and running you’ll be typing less emails and using that free time to sell more policies.


Better Customer Experiences


When it comes to happier customers, sometimes more work isn’t the answer. Automation means more consistent and personalized communication with a fraction of the work. Insurance agents who use automation report better engagement and more timely communications in addition to more cross-selling opportunities.


Keeping Up With Competition


This one is easy math. About 65% of insurance agencies outgrowing their competition are using automation to drive sales. Are you one of them?


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