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5 Key Technologies to Grow Your Insurance Agency


82% of insurance agents say that their sales software is critical to closing deals. You would think with numbers like that, agencies would be bringing on new technologies left and right, but the huge number of options to choose from can be overwhelming for many insurance agents, and the learning curve of new insurance sales software can be steep. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate that sea of software and choose the options that are right for your insurance agency.


  • AMS

This one may be a no brainer for more experienced insurance agents, but its worth mentioning that the right AMS can make a world of difference. Your AMS is the lifeblood of your agency, it’s responsible for organizing your customer information, policies, and tasks. If your producers are wasting valuable time fighting with a clunky or outdated AMS it may be time to consider a change.


  • Email Marketing


We've talked in the past about why email marketing matters and how to send effective emails. Putting yourself directly into a prospect’s inbox is on of the best ways to get cheap and direct exposure. Once upon a time that may have meant buying a big list of emails and typing them all in manually each time you sent out a email blast, and personalizing those emails was painstakingly hard. Now, tools like Mail Chimp help you send out email campaigns easier than ever, with custom tokens that allow you to customize template emails with values such as prospect’s first names, making your marketing emails more sincere and personal.

  • Sales Analytics and Automation

There are a lot of moving parts to an agency, and often you can begin to feel a bit disjointed. What are each of your producers working on? How much have they sold today? Did you remember to email your new customer a welcome packet? Sales Analytics and Automation tools such as AgencyZoom can help give you a more complete picture of your agency. Daily and monthly goals give producers a real finish line to work towards rather than selling blindly, insightful reports can help identify problems early, and automation makes engaging customers easier than ever; move a lead card over to sold and watch as a personalized welcome packet gets sent directly to your new customer’s inbox. Best of all, AgencyZoom integrates with many other sales tools, allowing you to connect your insurance world.

  • Business Website

It’s often said that every business needs a website, and insurance is no exception. While you may spend much of your time purchasing leads and making cold calls, there’s another dozen or so prospects going on google and searching “Auto Insurance.” If your business pops up in their google search with a 5-star review, you can bet their going to visit your website for more information. The most important thing to include on your page is a contact form so that prospects can reach out to you. What’s better than a hot lead dropping right into your lap? If you don't know where to begin building a business website, we recommend Squarespace or Wix

  • Social Media

What do all your customers and prospects have in common? They’re all on social media, and you should be as well. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to cast your net wide and bring in as many leads as possible. Once you learn the nitty gritty details you can even use social media scheduling tools such as Loomly to plan your posts in advance and share them hands free at peak hours throughout the week.


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