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3 Benefits Of A Mobile Insurance Agency



Your cellphone is already an integral part of being a successful insurance agent. Having the ability to take time-sensitive calls at home, on the road, or in the airport ensures that no prospect or customer goes unanswered. We’ve talked before about how being swift to return prospect calls increases chances of closing a deal by up to 5 times! It should come as no surprise then that having full access to your agency on the go is a pretty powerful tool to start closing more deals and growing your agency faster than ever.


Keep an Eye on Your Agency When You’re Gone


From nanny-cams to sensors in your teen’s new car, technology has empowered us to protect those things most precious to us while we’re away. So why should your agency be any different? Being able to check daily premium and see real time reports while you’re out of office helps ensure that your agency will remain a well-oiled machine year-round. Don’t let every conference, vacation, and sick day put a pause on your profits.


A Lead Manager That Works From Anywhere


Get  a sudden call from a prospect while on a beach in the Florida Keys? Maybe the ocean waves inspired you to sell the customer on the spot. Or perhaps you’re on site with a client and want to add them as a new lead then and there. No more waiting until you get back to the office, only to forget to add them to your pipeline. With a system like AgencyZoom, available on Apple and Android, you can add or adjust leads on your smart phone and create a personalized welcome packet at the tap of a finger.


Manage Tasks


Did Brent send out that important email today? Did Anne call her prospect? More than just seeing if premiums are met, being able to manage tasks on the go ensures that little details don’t get overlooked when you’re out of office. Remember, it’s the little things that keep customers coming back year after year.


With all these benefits, what’s stopping you from taking your agency on the road? Check out AgencyZoom mobile now available on Apple and Android