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5 Tools to Increase Productivity 


In today’s changing climate, insurance agents have to adapt to new technologies and utilize the most efficient tools to stay on top of their business, bring in new prospects, and maintain their current customer relationships. If you are questioning whether or not you are taking advantage of some of the great options out there, we’ve selected these five effective tools to help increase productivity, and more importantly, save time so you can focus on selling. 


  1. A VoIP that allows you to connect with the touch of a button

    Utilizing a VoIP makes it easy to text and make calls to new prospects and customers. With platforms such as Twilio, you can connect with your clients via SMS directly from AgencyZoom to send hundreds of automated messages to build relationships and keep the conversations flowing. You can also use Zipwhip to send unlimited messages to up to 100 contacts at a time! Lightspeed integrates directly with AgencyZoom as well, taking advantage of our Click-to-call feature and places the call recording at your fingertips. Then last, but not least, Bridge - they’re our newest integration and have done a fantastic job with calling and texting. These are just a few of the many options that you can use to maximize your time and stay connected with your network of customers. 


  2. Zapier makes it easier to automate 

    Zapier is an integration that AgencyZoom customers can add to their toolbelt. You can instantly connect AgencyZoom with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity superpowers. Zapier can automatically trigger workflows in other apps whenever a lead is created or if their status is updated in AgencyZoom. Some of our favorites include Thanks.Io, Sendoso and Slack. You can easily send handwritten postcards worldwide using Thanks.Io to strengthen your lead generation, up-selling, re-marketing and building a loyal customer base. Build relationships that are meant to last by using Sendoso to deliver personalized gifts and eGifts at scale! Or use Slack as your go-to interoffice communication tool to create public and private channels and tag colleagues into conversations when challenging customer questions or problems arise.


  3. Custom Pipelines create customizations for your leads 

    You should have the power to customize your customer experience from start to finish. In AgencyZoom, Custom Pipelines allow you to automate and customize tasks based on what your goals are. Once you’ve built a pipeline, you can adjust the experience a customer receives based off of its Lead Source, Lead Type, Tags, and more! The best part is when you move a lead to Sold, your onboarding automation will begin - the system is that smart!


  4. Google Reviews make you desirable 

    Ask people to leave your agency a review, especially when they renew. The power of Google Reviews can increase your reputation to bring in new customers by increasing website clicks. At AgencyZoom, we’ll ask for a Google Review after every policy is sold. This is an easy way to not only boost your 5-Star rating, but also get a chance to win over unsatisfied customers before a low score hits your page or they don’t renew.


  5. AgencyZoom App keeps you connected on-the-go 

    Stay connected when you are away from your computer! Increase your sales, maximize your time, and crush your goals by downloading AgencyZoom's mobile app today. The app is free for Apple and Android users.

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