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6 Features You Need In Your Insurance Sales Software 


Not all sales software are made equal. There are dozens of options, and each has their use, but which is best for your insurance agency? Here are six features you should look for when choosing:


  1. Industry Specific

    While tools like Hubspot and Pipedrive may work for some agencies, an industry-specific sales software is usually better for keeping track of policy types, quotes, and other insurance-specific data that may not apply to general sales.

  2. Full Customer Journey

    Many sales software, even insurance-specific sales platforms, will take a lead to sold and leave the rest up to you. We all know, however, that your job doesn’t end there. Onboarding, continuous engagement, reviews, referrals, and much more can all impact the chances that a customer will renew. It is important to find a platform that provides meaningful feedback for the whole customer journey, not just the lead stage.

  3. Built-in Automation

    So, your sales platform makes it easy to keep track of leads, but you still need to find a way to engage those prospects and customers. Emails and other tasks can be a huge time sink for many agencies, but there are solutions that can take the burden away and leave you to focus on sales. It’s only natural that the tool you use to keep track of leads in your pipeline should also trigger automation appropriate for that prospect or customer’s stage of the customer journey. 

  4. Meaningful Reports

    I’ve seen to many sales platforms that spit out huge tables of data at the end of the month and expect you to figure out the numbers. It’s 2020, find yourself a platform that packages that data into simple charts and other easy-to-understand formats so you can make meaningful business decisions without a degree in mathematics.

  5. Producer Motivation

    Producers are the unsung heroes of the insurance industry. Often, they end up making dozens of cold calls a week and dealing with some of the worst mannered prospects on the planet. It’s a job with high turnover, so if you want to keep your talent, you need to be prepared to celebrate their successes. That can be a lot of work manually, so finding a sales software that celebrates every sale and pushed producers towards friendly competition can help your agency see less turnover and more producer motivation

  6. Integrations

    This is a word I expect people to be seeing a lot more of as the industry moves towards more and more technical solutions. Many insurance agents already find themselves balancing ten plus different software and platforms. Integrating all these smaller pieces into your sales platform can ensure all those pieces play nice and avoids issues like double entry. Say, for example, your email is integrated with your sales platform. When you move a lead to quoted, you can create a sequence that automatically sends out an email to that prospect with relevant information that will make them more likely to sell. Finding a platform with a diverse catalog of integrations will ensure they are a perfect fit, no matter how your agency grows. You can see many of the integrations AgencyZoom supports: here.


So which tool is best for you? It's impossible for us to judge. Of course, we recommend AgencyZoom for all P&C insurance agents. To see more about the many features we offer you can visit our informational page: here.  For more tips on software for your agency check out: 5 Technologies You Need To Grow Your Agency .

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