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For Immediate Release: 10/09/19


AgencyZoom Reaches Arrangement with The Iroquois Group


Columbus  - October 9, 2019 - AgencyZoom, a sales analytics and automation platform for insurance agents, today announced that it has entered into an arrangement with The Iroquois Group®.  Iroquois® is an organization dedicated to helping strong, independent agencies increase their revenues, profits and agency value. Iroquois has entered into an agreement with AgencyZoom to make a new set of tools available to its 2200 members across 42 states in order to grow their business.

 “We’ve created a system where agents can focus on selling policies, and we automate the rest,” said Tolga Demirel, Co-Founder of AgencyZoom.  “Our software has been shown to grow revenue and streamline many of the tedious daily tasks that go along with selling Insurance. We want to ensure that agents know how and why their agency is performing, and to supply them the means to focus on sales rather than administrative tasks.”

AgencyZoom will provide an exclusive pricing structure for Iroquois members, ensuring that the tools they need are attainable. Primary features include:

  1. A smart lead manager to close more business faster. AgencyZoom’s automation drives sales by ensuring producers focus on the right leads.
  2. Real-Time Analytics that provide agents an honest look at their producers’ performances. Being informed means agents can write more policies to better meet monthly goals.
  3. Automated customer engagement to boost retention. AgencyZoom’s automation handles personalized onboarding and check-ins, referrals, renewal reminders, and Google reviews to provide customers an experience that will keep them renewing year after year.

“We are pleased to give our members the opportunity to access this set of powerful tools to drive growth and efficiency," said Iroquois CEO Laurie Branch. 

About AgencyZoom

AgencyZoom is a Columbus, OH based InsurTech company. Designed to grow your book-of-business, AgencyZoom provides insurance agents powerful sales analytics and customer engagement automation. Get ready to close more business as we help you manage leads with ease, oversee sales in real-time, and better track monthly goals. Our robust automation will drive retention and give customers a fuller experience with personalized onboarding, check-ins, renewal reminders, and google reviews for every policy sold. All while keeping you laser focused on sales. Core features include: Intuitive Lead Manager, Real-Time Sales Tracking and Goal Management, Automated Customer Emails and Google Reviews, Easy Referral Requests, Commission Calculator, and a Full-Fledged HR Suite. For more information about AgencyZoom, visit

About Iroquois

Iroquois Group is one of the oldest and largest networks of independent P&C agencies in the country. Agencies of all sizes join Iroquois to increase revenue, profits and agency value – without giving up their independence. For more information, go online to