Dealing With Rejection

Agents For Agents: Rejection  | 11/07/2019

Featuring: Joseph Puckett


Agents and producers are a special breed; we’re wired to make people say yes. Sometimes, however, even the best agent misses their mark. It’s easy to let “No” get you down, but its important to remember that a “No” today does not mean a sale lost forever.

Today we're joined by Joseph Puckett from Craig Wiggins Coaching who breaks down several aspects of rejection to help you:

  • Focus on coverage not price, the one thing you can't control
  • Understand that rejection is an everyday part of this industry for even the best agents
  • Leave the door open with a "buy or die" mentality, using tools such as Smart-Cycle
  • Use the sales process score card to start hearing yes more often
  • And More!

A big shout out again to Joseph Puckett and Craig Wiggins Coaching for providing this video on dealing with rejection. Download the sales process score card now:



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