How to Handle Requotes

Agents For Agents: Requotes  | 03/02/2020

Featuring: Craig Wiggins and Joseph Puckett


"That's how we end up with 100% close rate, we never give up."

In his last video, Joseph Puckett from Craig Wiggins Coaching walked us through how to deal with rejection and explained how a "no" today does not mean a "no" next year. Maybe a recent accident is driving up prices or a lead simply went with another agency. X-dating leads with tools like AgencyZoom's Smart-Cycle can give you another shot to close a sale. Today, Joseph Puckett is joined by Craig Wiggins himself to help you learn to work re-quotes including advice on how to deal with the two biggest objections you'll hear: 

  • I'm happy where I am now
  • Price was an issue last time

A big shout out again to Joseph Puckett and Craig Wiggins Coaching for providing this video on working requotes. Follow along with the Team Meeting Worksheet: