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4 Types of Insurance Emails that Boost Retention 


What good is a policy sold if the customer only sticks around one year? We've covered in the past several ways you can start retaining more insurance customers year after year, but in this article we're focusing on emails. With these four types of email in your automation sequences, you'll start seeing more customers coming back to renew every year.


  1. Onboarding

    Onboarding is your chance to set the tone for your entire relationship with customers. You've got their money, now how are you going to treat them? Having a simple but thorough welcome packet and other helpful emails in your onboarding automation ensures a customer begins their journey with your agency on the right foot.

  2. Check-ins

    A year is a long time, long enough for many to forget why they chose your insurance agency over another. Heck, some may even forget your name. One surefire way to keep yourself fresh in the minds of customers without seeming overly pushy is through simple check-in emails, included in your automation sequences. This is especially effective during holidays and birthdays, and shows your customers that they're more than a check in the mail to you, they're part of your insurance family. Using personalized email tags such as customer names in the subject line makes check-ins even more powerful. 

  3. Referrals

    Data shows that when a customer refers a family member or friend, they become significantly more likely to renew themselves. Not only does the act of referring a friend or family member force someone to explain in their own words what they like about your agency, it also creates a social bond. If I tell my sister to sign on to an agency then immediately turn to another agency instead of renewing, what is she going to think? You can learn more about the power of renewals, here. During onboarding, while customers still remember our help in setting up their policy, we always send an email asking if they know of any friends or family looking for a policy as well.

  4. Cross-Sales

    Similarly to referrals, if I have several policy types with a given agency, I'm far less likely to look elsewhere when any one of those policies expire. Spending time with customers to find cross-sale opportunities will not only increase that customer's immediate value to your agency, but may help secure their loyalty for decades. Shortly after selling a policy, we like to send out an email checklist, going through all the other policy types our agency can help cover.


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