4 Ways to Retain More Customers 


For many sales-intensive industries, the salesman’s job ends when a customer pays up. In insurance sales, however, we don’t have that luxury. Just because you sell a prospect today, doesn’t mean you’ll retain the customer a year from now. But, if the task seems daunting, you’re in luck. Research shows retaining an existing customer costs a fraction of what it takes to win over a new lead, and there are many things you can do to keep your customer’s happy and ready to renew without spending a dime.


  1. Get family and friends involved

    Data shows that when a customer refers a family member or friend, they become significantly more likely to renew themselves. Not only does the act of referring a friend or family member force someone to explain in their own words what they like about your agency, it also creates a social bond. If I tell my sister to sign on to an agency then immediately turn to another agency instead of renewing, what is she going to think? You can learn more about the power of renewals, here.

  2. Remember holidays and birthdays

    A year is a long time, and in that time many may forget why they chose your insurance agency over another. Heck, some may even forget your name. One surefire way to keep yourself fresh in the minds of customers without seeming overly pushy is through simple check-ins. This is especially effective during holidays and birthdays, and shows your customers that they're more than a check in the mail to you, they're part of your insurance family.

  3. Write down at least 1 personal detail

    Insurance is confusing, and even after signing a policy someone might not quite understand what they're paying for. Your job is to help people understand the safety net a policy can provide, but if a customer thinks you're trying to squeeze every last dollar out of them, it's going to be much harder to help them see that value. We've spoken before on how to help customers see beyond the price, but one easy way to build this trust is to simply listen. Pick up on little details customers mention offhand. Maybe their kids play soccer, or their mother recently moved into a nursing home. Returning to these personal details during check-ins can do a lot to show customers that you care about them as a person.

  4. Be there if they file a claim

    If you've ever filed a claim, you know how stressful it can be. Now, imagine going through that as someone completely alien to the insurance world. You don't know when your roof will be repaired, or whether that will stop you from putting food on the table. You wonder where your kids will sleep and whether you'll be able to get to work. The greatest test of an insurance agent's resolve isn't how they make a sale, it's how they handle the claim-filing process. Treating customers with compassion and patience, making sure they're okay financially, emotionally, and physically, is a sure fire way to earn their loyalty for life.


None of these tips are crazy revolutionary, but many agents forget that the year after a customer signs a policy is just as important as the weeks leading up to a sale. For more tips on keeping customers happy check out: 5 Quick Tips to Ace Your Onboarding .

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